EU Migration Services

Cyprus provides an ideal destination for non-EU individuals wishing to acquire permanent residency in a EU country. The whole process is simple and fast. It primarily requires an investment of a minimum of €300.000 on immovable property in Cyprus.

Criteria: permanent residence permits may be granted to third country nationals who fulfil the following criteria


There are many reasons why obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit is beneficial, some of which are listed below:

CITIZENSHIP by investment

In addition to acquiring residency, high-net individuals that are willing to invest in Cyprus can obtain Cyprus can obtain Cyprus citizenship by exemption provided they satisfy certain criteria.

It is very beneficial to have dual citizenship, particularly EU, for many reasons including:

All applications are examined in a positive light and the prospective applicant will in most cases obtain Cyprus citizenship within 3 months once all necessary criteria are met.

How EU citizenship may be acquired by investing in Cyprus?

- purchase of real estate (private residences, offices, shops, hotels or establishments of similar nature excluding undeveloped land.
- acquisition of businesses or companies that are based and have activities in Cyprus
- purchase of shares of companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus.
- purchase of financial assets.
- participation in a company or a consortium of companies that has undertaken a public project.